Fonderia Rivadossi - RVD srl

Quality, experience and care for the environment since 1878

Brass and bronze ingots in Lumezzane

We have been in the field of brass for four generations

RVD srl in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia, has been active since 1878 in the production of brass and bronze ingots for the Italian and international market.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the sector, we offer our customers customised solutions for every need and we make our products in full respect of the environment and the safety of our employees.

We want a more sustainable future for all

RVD srl is attentive to the protection of the environment and adopts new technologies and sustainable practices to grow responsibly and protect our planet.

Quality of raw materials

We select only excellent raw materials, to guarantee our customers high quality products for every need.

Recovery of recyclable materials and waste

In order to protect the environment and be sustainable, we recover brass and copper waste. We give new life to raw materials and respect the principles of the circular economy.

Excellent products

We produce brass and bronze ingots for the production of any type of component.
We guarantee the high quality of each of our products at transparent prices that are always in line with the market.
On request we produce ingots and other types of alloys.

Our certifications

We work with particular attention to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of workers.. We produce our ingots in full compliance with the regulations in force both in Italy and abroad and we guarantee the highest quality through constant checks.

We are always looking for new professionals to join the company.

Write to us, call us or visit us on site.

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