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We have been working with brass for four generations

RVD srl of the Rivadossi family was born in 1878 in Lumezzane, as a Brass Factory of Rivadossi Angelo.

We have been active in the field of brass and metallurgy for over four generations and have experienced the constant evolutions of the sector firsthand.

Today with our products we are present both on the national market and we work more and more also on the international one.

Solidity,flexibility and transparency are our main values.

Over the years we have created a relationship of trust and mutual esteem with our customers, based on product quality and our expertise, the result of decades of experience in the sector.

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we solve your problems in an efficient and timely manner, freeing you from any worries.

We are committed to offering you high-quality personalised services and prices always in line with the market to meet your every need.

From Angelo Rivadossi's Brass Factory to RVD Srl

Since 1878 the metallurgical sector has evolved, and we have evolved with it. We have always been up to date with market trends and changes and we are constantly looking for new technologies to innovate our work.

Since 1878

Until the advent of electronic scales, we produced weights, measures and double plate scales.

In the 1970s​

We started to produce brass and bronze ingots and to process recyclable waste in the field of copper metallurgy.

In the 1990s​

Installation of modern slag processing plants .


We are certified to the regulations

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001


Acquisition of the second plant, located in the municipality of Marcheno.


We are certified to EU Regulation 715/2013.

A safer and more sustainable future for all

Every day we strive to grow responsibly, using new technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and ensure the safety of our employees.

We are certified for safety and environmental protection and promote a responsible approach to the management of natural resources.

To improve our environmental impact and pollute less, we implement circular economy and end of waste policies.

We produce new products using waste from other companies and we are committed to giving new life to materials destined for landfill through sustainable sales and recovery practices.


Raw materials

Recyclable waste

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